Irena Müller-Brozović

Biographie :

Irena Müller-Brozović is professor of Musikvermittlung at the Anton Bruckner Private University Upper Austria in Linz. For many years, she has worked as a lecturer for Musikvermittlung at Bern Academy of the Arts and since 2020, has been co-leader of the Forum Musikvermittlung at German speaking Universities. She has authored numerous publications on Musikvermittlung, including “Médiation Musicale. Un Guide » (2016), a basic article on Musikvermittlung (2017), and an anthology on concert culture (2022). Her research focuses on Resonanzaffine Musikvermittlung as well as interdisciplinary and transcultural interactions. She studied piano and school music in Basel (Switzerland), Musikvermittlung in Detmold (Germany) and received her PhD from the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna. As a practitioner she worked with several orchestras in Switzerland and Germany, the Schleswig Holstein Music Festival, the Mozartwoche Salzburg and the Salzburg Festival, among others.


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