Research Axes


The Music Mediation Partnership Study (EPMM) brings together instructors, researchers, students, and professionals working in the field of music mediation. The EPMM’s mission is to analyze the issues in various music mediation practice settings by closely collaborating with practitioners on the ground and adopting an interdisciplinary approach. Musicology, cultural history, cultural sociology, cultural management, arts marketing, cultural mediation, music education, and social intervention are all disciplines that allow for the study of issues related to the institutionalization of music mediation as well as its integration in the context of the neoliberalization of music employment and the development of digital activities.

By mutualizing the knowledge and skills of various actors, the EPMM team aims to inventory and analyze the data collected, and co-construct tools to support mediators and musicians in their practices. Members are invited to collaborate within one of two main research axes.

Axis 1 – Teaching Music Mediation

This axis examines the growing presence of cultural mediation in higher education and professionalization settings, the reason for this emergence, and its impact on training for careers in music. It allows for the study of conditions around the appearance of mediation in these educational settings, in relation to the evolution of the professional world and cultural policies. The knowledge, know-how, and interpersonal skills mobilized in training programs are investigated by way of the discipline-specific curricula offered in each program.

1.1. Institutionalization of Music Mediation

This theme studies the way in which the field of music mediation education is structured in higher learning and professional training institutions through the legitimation discourse accompanying the establishment of these programs.

1.2. Knowledge, Know-How, and Interpersonal Skills at the Heart of Training

This theme allows for the exploration of the discipline-specific curriculum choices used in these programs, for the purpose of studying the conceptions of music mediation adopted by these institutions.

Axis 2 – The Music Mediator Profession

This axis delves more deeply into current practices of mediation, with practitioners as intermediaries. It allows theoretical definitions of cultural mediation and its practices in the music scene to be put in perspective through the professional trajectories of the mediators and the employment frameworks offered to them.

2.1. Professional Trajectories

This theme aims to study the specific features of the music mediator profession in relation to that of the cultural mediator and to do this in these early stages of the profession’s institutionalization in the music field.

2.2. Employment Frameworks and Professional Settings

Against a backdrop of evolving professions and skills in the music sector, this theme allows for the analysis of employment frameworks and professional settings through the challenges of human resource management in this field.

2.3. 2.3. Resources for Music Mediators

This theme explores the use of technology in music mediation, and its effects on mediation practices.