RA educational prize.

Vania Cauzillo

Biographie :
Vania Cauzillo is a stage director and documentarist, she co-funded L’Albero, a theatre and opera company based in the South of Italy, producing a community opera format with a focus on social impact and cultural welfare. She has been a researcher in the field of Opera education since 2014 and her research took shape in the project « Get Close to Opera » funded by the Erasmus + program as best practice to train Opera educators and artists for the involvement of refugees, especially women and artists, in partnership with RESEO. She was a consultant for San Carlo Opera House in Naples, She collaborate with the University of Basilicata with the musicologist Dinko Fabris to lead the lab of History of Music, she is specializing in the co-production of participatory processes for public institutions at the University of Bologna with a master degree. From 2021 Vania is vice-chair of Reseo and on behalf of the network, part of the jury for the FEDO

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